Utilise event space in the right Location to benefit your startup

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  • May 08, 2019
Utilise event space in the right Location to benefit your startup
It's not enough to simply hold an event. Where you hold it can be just as important. By holding your startup events in True Digital Park's event space, you'll increase your startup's exposure with the right people.

Gone were the days that your grandparents would be saying 'the internet could not make you money, it's a fraud '. Today, almost any business could not possibly survive and thrive without some form of digital presence in the online world. 'Alternative offices' or 'flexible offices' have started a decade ago as a space for freelancers and startups to work and share ideas. Today, it has become a global trend with over one million people worldwide in these so-called co-working spaces. Moreover, large companies are utilising these working spaces, leveraging them as a part of their research facility. As for tech startup companies, cost saving is an essential factor, and these spaces provide all the necessary equipment and cut away the upfront cost. This is especially true if you are trying to find the most efficient and productive space to host your startup event.

BETA Conference 2019

At True Digital Park, we offer a complete setup of creative space for tech companies. There is no better place to plant your startup company or even to host your startup event. The tech-savvy environment offers 'Auditorium', a fully furnished 600 square metre auditorium with over 400 seats which comes with free wifi, in-house lighting and sound system, LCD projector and a preparation room. All of this luxury among the 'hub' of the fast-growing startup environment. Event organisers can use the cafe-style foyer area for booth exhibition or break-out area.

Beyond their state-of-the-art auditorium, the digital park's unique spaces include 'Townhall', a casually spaced out stadium with seating areas where tenants can hold informal meetings, presentations and team discussions which also comes with an advanced LCD projector, in-house lighting and audio system, free wifi and flip-charts. The community houses many workshop rooms where these spaces can be used for multi-purpose functions to accommodate various events, set up meetings, training sessions and much more.

Townhall L at True Digital Park

Choosing to host your event at these creative spaces allows your company a higher chance of exposure to the right people with like minds. These places give you an advantage over other event spaces as you can leverage the opportunity of having talented young professionals to connect and grow your network. It’s not just about holding the event but choosing the right location proves to be an effective networking and relationship building factor with potential clients, investors and forward thinkers.


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