Tips on Working from Home

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  • March 26, 2020
Tips on Working from Home
As employees find themselves working online from home due to the coronavirus, we'd like to offer some tips to ensure you're using your time productively.

Tips on Working Effectively from Home

For many people around the globe, the COVID-19 coronavirus has turned their world upside down. Company employees that can perform their work online, are being asked to work from home. While this method of working provides the means to be able to continue making a living during the pandemic, it also requires a certain level of adjustment.

No longer can you simply turn to the person next to you in the office to ask them a question or organise a meeting to discuss a problem. The employee may feel that they are completely alone during the workday, and this reality means that people have to make some adjustments to their work habits to continue to be productive.

People in the technology industry have become accustomed to working from home for years. They’ve had to impose a level of self-discipline on themselves that ensures they’re doing the jobs that they’re paid to do. We want to offer some tips learned by people in the technology industry that will help you be as productive at home, as you were in an office environment.

Keep All Lines of Communication Open

Just because you can’t see your colleagues and co-workers, doesn’t mean you’re alone. The more lines of communication you keep between your office co-workers, the better and more productive your time will be spent.

Don’t Get Stressed

While this new way of working may be making you anxious and stressful, all your co-workers are in the same boat and may be experiencing the same feelings as you. Taking a deep breath and maybe chatting with your co-workers while you eat your lunch can help you ease this stress.

Sharing your feelings about the situation helps alleviate the deep-down fears that this crisis can naturally cause you to have. For single workers living alone, be sure to regularly reach out to friends and loved ones to help ease the loneliness that can occur.

Tips working from home

Establish a Routine

This is one of the most effective ways to maintain your level of production. If you usually wake up at a certain time and start work at the same time every day, why would you change that routine?

By establishing a daily routine during your work-from-home period, you'll naturally begin to increase your productivity during your regular working hours. You'll also start to mentally accept the situation and forget about the pandemic. Staying busy is the best way to keep your mind off the problems of the world and devote it to your job.

Many companies use Customer Relations Management Systems (CRMs) to manage both their customers and their employees. Keep in mind any requirements to use the CRM’s timer on the tasks you perform. Timers can help you manage your hours and ensure that you remain productive during office hours.

Tips working from home during covid-19

Find a Quiet Spot to Work

For many people who have a household full of family and pets, the need to work from home can put a strain on everyone. Even if it’s a desk in the corner of your bedroom room, create a quiet area to work and make sure everyone knows that when you’re at your desk, you’re not to be disturbed.

Try to consider their feelings also by establishing your workspace as far as possible from the common living area. Your spouse, kids and pets all want to resume their lives as much as you do.

Creating a workspace within your home also helps you to focus. When you sit down in front of your computer, you're at work. When you join your family for lunch, you're off work. This can help alleviate stress and make the crisis more livable for everyone.

Who knows? At the end of the crisis, you may find that you’re more comfortable and productive by working from home. Your company may also come to the same conclusion and make changes that make working from home a viable option. Until then, make the best of the situation and stay safe and healthy.


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