Thailand Tech Community in Step with World Trends

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  • February 05, 2020
Thailand Tech Community in Step with World Trends
True Digital Park created a workspace to offer the Thailand tech community the same benefits of the world’s best tech hubs. See what they can offer your startup.

The Thailand Tech Community is in Step with World Trends


For entrepreneurs working in the tech community of Thailand, the need to find a workspace that offers everything for your startup to grow and succeed within the tech industry is your priority. 

You’re faced with the decision of where to base your startup. You must choose a location that provides for the needs of your employees, as well as the present and future needs of the company.

Currently, in Thailand, most of the entrepreneurs in the tech community are basing their companies in the capital city of Bangkok. The city of Bangkok enjoys a robust transportation network that provides your employees with the means to conveniently commute to work.

The city also has recently enjoyed a building boom that has meant that prices for office space are lower than most other countries in the region. But low real estate prices and convenient transportation are not the only issues that weigh on an intelligent decision when it comes to choosing a location. 

Choosing the Right Coworking Space

These days, co-working spaces are gaining the attention of entrepreneurs in the tech community of Thailand who are looking to save money on overhead costs. These spaces offer shared conference rooms, office equipment and utilities that reduce the money that a struggling startup has to pay for office essentials that are only used on occasion.  

While choosing an office location in one of these co-working spaces may seem like the perfect solution, there are still other facts to consider, particularly when you are working within the tech industry.

Tech Trends of the World

Entrepreneurs working in the tech community in Thailand should look at other cities of the world that have established themselves as tech hubs and find out what sets those cities apart. What are San Francisco, Berlin, London and Stockholm offering to the tech industry so that they consistently attract the best and brightest members of the tech world?

The answer is that these cities go way beyond offering the best locations. They offer things that are much more valuable to struggling entrepreneurs. They offer guidance, contacts, funding resources, and accelerator and incubator programmes as well. These are the lures that have enticed some of the most successful startups to base their location in these forward-thinking cities. 

Much More than Four Walls

For an entrepreneur to make an intelligent decision on a location for their startup, they have to look beyond the four walls, office equipment and reduced utility costs. They have to consider what their startup will need to progress beyond their early days, and include those elements in their search for a location. 

They should analyse in detail the elements that the world's known tech hubs are offering and they should look for a location in Bangkok that provides those same elements. 

As attractive as the numerous co-working spaces in Bangkok appear on the surface, almost all of them don't go beyond offering anything but what you see when you visit them. They don't offer anything beyond like-minded people working in a shared environment. 

Building a Network of Support

What the tech hub cities of the world offer the startup is the ability to build a network of support. Currently, only one co-working space in Bangkok has demonstrated the same capabilities of the world's best tech hubs. 

True Digital Park (TDPK) has invested much of their time and effort to establish the same networks of support that are trending in tech hubs across the globe. They have studied the economic results of support network trends and are offering the same type of networks to Bangkok-based startups in the Thailand tech community

Their network of support includes government assistance in the form of tax breaks to startups engaged in the tech industry and easing of work permit and visa requirements to help you hire the best staff available. 

It also includes accessibility to venture capital firms and investors who are interested in partnering with technology companies that have a vision for the future. 

It provides startups with the ability to tap the best minds of Thailand that are working for established companies in the many fields of technology across the country. And access to the accelerator programmes and incubators that many of these companies have created. 

Finally, it includes those four walls, shared equipment and facilities that allow startups in Thailand’s tech community to concentrate their finances on what they do best. All of this is included in a vibrant and forward-thinking tech community with the motto “Ignite Your Passion”.  

Before you plunk your finances down on a workspace that won’t be able to provide for your company’s needs in the future, visit TDPK to see a workspace that is firmly in step with trends of the best of the world’s tech hubs.    


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