The innovation space is the state-of-art of our campus, this is public area where you can find a breakthrough of R&D technology, co-working space, academies, maker space, experience centers, business centers, and government agency centers in the heart of the ecosystem.

Academy Bangkok – A Google Space brings the best of Google education together to make digital transformation happen for our customers and partners. The new space will be a training venue for participants of the Google Ignite program, a two-month digital marketing training course that prepares Thai university students for future careers in Thai companies. The Academy will also be the training facility for other Google-run training programs in areas like developer skills and cloud computing. The Academy will be able to accommodate cohorts of up to 150 people at a time.

True IDC is the first and most trusted certified partner of AWS Services in Thailand.  We offer full-scale cloud services and solutions from consulting, budget planning to system maintenance. 3-Main functions that blends True IDC's and AWS' services in the center at True Digital Park. 1. Consultation Clinic by True IDC experts to effectively help plan and strategize cloud solutions using True IDC and AWS' platform 2. Comprehensive Certified Training Programs operated by True IDC, the AWS Authorized Training Reseller Partner 3. Hands-on experience with Amazon's latest technological offerings and smart solutions

mµ Space Corp, founded in June 2017, delivers reliable satellite solutions for telcos, businesses and governments in Thailand and across Southeast Asia. The company provides full suite of connectivity solutions designed to provide the broadest and fastest technologies, bringing communication connectivity in rural areas and making smart cities more sustainable. In the coming years, mµ Space plans to expand its business across Asia, the US and Europe. The company targets in the 2020s to launch into space a high throughput and low latency geosynchronous earth orbit satellite with the world’s leading company in space industry.  Moreover, it aims to lead the provision of commercial space travel in Asia-Pacific. mµ Space will be the first space technology company to establish an experience center at True Digital Park.  It will be used in future space projects. The digital park also serves as a venue to showcase the products and innovations of mµ Space to help the public to better understand satellites, space and internet of things (IoT) technology to improve our everyday life. In addition, mµ Space’s conceptual space suit will also be displayed there to promote understanding on advanced technologies that have been embedded within.

The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is a national private sector-led organisation to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore. Today, ACE plays a key role in building a dynamic and sustainable startup ecosystem in Singapore. ACE supports startups across all stages and focuses on three strategic areas: driving co-innovation between startups and enterprises; helping startups to scale and internationalise; building an access hub of connected ecosystems across countries. The True Digital Park – ACE Singapore Centre housed in True Digital Park is a one-centre to facilitate two-way market access for Singapore and Thai startups. The centre also provides a platform to drive regional innovation hub initiatives where startups and enterprises from both countries can come together to co-innovate through initiatives such as in-market connections, open innovation platforms and corporate innovation challenges.

By partnering True Digital Park, UOB is a one-stop hub that provides training and consulting services to SMEs and start-ups looking to transform. Our innovation community is well-connected to the ecosystem and has an extensive regional reach across ASEAN covering government agencies, established and emerging tech players, educational institutions and knowledgeable tech/digital/innovation experts.