Our Campus

Believing digital lifestyle is all about endless interconnectivity, the Campus is an ecosystem where multi-perspectives and diverse skills thrive, driven by an open culture, collaborating together to achieve the best of tomorrow. It is an environment of infinite opportunities where aspiring startups can meet with the big players to achieve greatness and success through cutting edge solutions.


Because we understand the multi-dimensional nature of innovation, True Digital Park offers the right formula for creative innovators to thrive towards success. Inspired by the three axes on a graph, the three buildings: Axis-X, Axis-Y and Axis-Z reflect the infinite possibilities of this ecosystem in both aesthetics and functionality.

Buildings Axis-X and Axis-Y truly serve the unconventional nature of startups and tech entrepreneurs, breaking free from typical working spaces with state-of-the-art facilities, balanced with relax and play perks to enhance productivity and creativity.

The Axis-Z building brings the community together, interconnecting buildings Axis-X and Y-Axis through large convertible stairs on each floor, offering members easy access to shared facilities.


True Digital Park’s collaborative space is our public zone, mainly in the Axis-Z building, the heart of the community where all our connected ecosystem are located. A start from our main arrival on Level 6 and stair connected to Level 5 & Level 7 are the main floors where all the events and activities will be created in a modern and tech-savvy environment surrounded by open labs, a makerspace, experience centers, academies and business centers from our partners.


True Digital Park’s campus space is a truly connected workspace with large community areas and a vibrant community of like-minded people, mainly in the Axis-X and Axis-Y building.