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True Digital Park offers event venues that are state-of-the-art for tech conferences, upskill workshops, networking events, press conferences, and town hall meetings. Rent your next event space on our Bangkok campus.

Our campus is the destination for tech events in a modern and tech-savvy environment. A place where you will be surrounded by a unique startup ecosystem. Our event space is developed for multipurpose and multifunctional utilization for any kind of event. Discover our event spaces!

To make sure that the event goers are safe from Covid-19 spread, True Digital Park has taken various social distancing measure. Everyone who come to enjoy our space and services must comply to these protective measures against the spread of COVID-19.

  • Sit in allowed seats only
  • Maintain social distancing of 2 meters
  • Wear masks
  • Wash hands frequently

We care for everyone’s health. These measures are meant to make our space better and safer for all of us.

For questions and booking, please call 090-904-2564.

One of the features of True Digital Park is our continual series of events that we host in our effort to enlighten and educate our tenants. But for companies and organizers looking for an event space rental in Bangkok to hold their event, we also offer our venues for hire.

Becoming a member of our community of startups and mature technology companies allows you to join our many seminars, workshops, networking sessions and press conferences held in our event to stay up to date on everything that’s happening in the world of tech.

By holding your technology event within our community of colleagues, peers and potential investors, you’ll gain an immediate audience of a friendly community for your presentation, seminar, workshop or press conference. Or hold your event in complete privacy by booking our workshop room or auditorium for rent in Bangkok.

Our event spaces offer convenient parking, audio and video systems and a contemporary, open ambience that's perfectly suited for technology-focused events.


100 social distancing seats


A fully furnished modern designed double deck auditorium.

Free WiFi

Preparation Room

Wheelchair Accessible

LCD Projector

Flipcharts Upon Request

In-house Light & Sound System


Auditorium Rental in Bangkok

True Digital Park has a fully-furnished, modern designed double-deck auditorium for rent in Bangkok. This 600 sqm auditorium seats 393 people and offers up-to-date conveniences including free wifi, along with an LCD projector, LED skirt, presenter's view monitor, supporting screens for the audience, and an in-house lighting and audio system.

This is the perfect place to conduct large lectures and discussions, unveil a new product, host a press conference or hold an employee meeting. Its multi-level, tiered seating ensures excellent sightlines and the modern decor and light colours are attractive and welcoming.

UP TO 100 PERSONS (under social distancing measure)


An open platform where you can fit various types of events.

Free WiFi

Portable Sound System

Flipcharts Upon Request

An open platform or multipurpose area with plenty of space where you can stage various types of events, our foyer is conducive to holding discussions, client meetings and small presentations. With an open-plan, seating area, the foyer holds up to 200 people and combines a casual, relaxed cafe-type atmosphere, which is suitable as a breakout area as well.

UP TO 50 PERSONS (under social distancing measure)


An informal stadium type space

Free WiFi

Wheelchair Accessible

Advance LCD Projector

Flipcharts Upon Request

Standard Light & Sound System

An informal stadium-type space, this multi-level seating and presentation area is just the place for informal meetings, presentations and group discussions. It offers an open-plan, free-form area and includes an advanced LCD projector, an in-house lighting and audio system, free wifi and flip-charts on request.

UP TO 50 PERSONS (under social distancing measure)


This room provides flexible space for training sessions, workshops, or seminars.

Free WiFi

Wheelchair Accessible

LCD Projector

Flipcharts Upon Request

In-house Light & Sound System

This is a multipurpose room where you can host meetings, seminars, workshops and training sessions, practically any type of function you can imagine where privacy will be an asset to your work.
It comes complete with an in-house lighting and audio system, an advanced LCD projector, free wifi and flip-charts on request.

Additional service: Virtual event

If getting a lot of people in one place isn’t the option for you, we can offer all-in-one live streaming service, an alternative to organizing actual events. We offer you a virtual conference package for entrepreneurs and startups so that your business can continue without disruption.

The packages come with event space usage at True Digital Park to record and broadcast your event or conference, supporting media from TDPK to promote your event, professional production and camera crew, high quality equipment, online registration system, and webinar functions where participants can send real-time questions during the live program.


Be immersed in a welcoming community and audience of like-minded startups and individuals, or enjoy a choice of spacious venues that provide all the privacy you require for company meetings. Whatever the goals of your event, True Digital Park can provide a modern auditorium for rent in Bangkok or contemporary event space.

When you’re organizing your next Bangkok technology event, Contact True Digital Park and arrange for a tour of our event spaces for rent in Bangkok. You may find we have the perfect space in an ideal environment.