True Digital Park is more than a physical space but a diverse community of creators from different walks of life, with a wide spectrum of passions and occupations. Our dynamic community activities guarantee fun for everyone.


• Enjoy social connection
• Encourage people to coach each other


• Curious and thirst for knowledge
• Believe in growth mindset


• Share your passion with friends
• Freedom to be creative
• Enhance health and well-being at work


Our activities provide an engaging and relaxing time for our tenants letting them meet and connect with people of the same interests. Strengthen community bond, spark new conversations and enjoy some friendly competitions!


Mondays are the most dreaded days for some, but not for our tenants! Start the week with some constructive competition on the hi-tech gaming machines, or refuel with some food for thought with Tech Talks to keep you ahead on the current technology trend.


A great wellbeing is a recipe for working well. Break the sweat to fight through the rest of the week with active fitness classes. Or break away from the hustle and bustle with calming yoga and Pilates classes to sooth your body and soul.


Put your hands to work on various DIY projects. It’s a new take on arts and crafts with hi-tech tools like laser cutting and 3-D printing machines that will let you admire your own creations and have fun with other aspiring “makers”.


At True Digital Park, the possibilities are endless and the networks are boundless. Join our fun events where tenants can meet and connect over drinks and great music. The opportunities are limitless, whether its business, friendship or even love!

As member of our campus, members can enjoy the exclusivity of our events and activities whether you are a tech geek, entertainment artist , health-conscious, art & craft person to a socializer, True Digital Park has it all under one roof to get people connected and meet new friends with the same preferences.