True Digital Park offers digital working space in the prime, Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. We feel that being close to the local community makes us more accessible as a community asset. A large part of True Digital Park on Fl. 6 and 7 is a co-working space. Tenants of True Digital Park are entitled to not only great workspace, but networking events, business perks, and also VC Clinic. A brand’s physical location says a lot about the brand and how it’s perceived in the local community. The location also plays a part in determining how its employees commute and how they live outside of the company. In the past, what a company produced determined where it was located. Large manufacturing facilities tended to be off by themselves in industrial parks to lessen the impact of their manufacturing processes on the neighbours around them.


The rise of the digital age has caused a revolution in the way workplaces are defined, designed and utilised. With a completely virtual product, the focus has changed from seeing to the needs of the product to seeing to the needs of the creators of that product. And these needs have also changed. The need for teamwork and collaboration in an environment where the creators of products do the hands-on work of actual creation alone at their own workstation has meant that the office space has to encourage a feeling of community, camaraderie and teamwork to inspire a singular vision throughout the brand. A productive workspace in this new age is one that is a relaxed and pleasant space to share ideas, knowledge and answers to problems that the brand has to deal with proactively in order to get ahead in their chosen industry. It also has to present the right corporate image to the public and shareholders. A brand that is tucked away in an industrial park can’t do that. This new dynamic needs workplaces that are conducive to communication and openness. It also needs to be located in an environment that can tap into and reap the benefits of a vibrant, colourful and progressive local community. That’s exactly what True Digital Park offers to startups and established brands.


Being a part of a dynamic, local community can inspire new ideas and problems to be addressed. The trends can be ever-changing and the need to think on one’s feet is paramount when you live in such a constantly-evolving city like Bangkok. Embracing a local community causes dreamers and pragmatists alike to go beyond what they know to be true and pushes them to think outside of the box on a near-constant basis. By having direct access to the public transportation infrastructure of Bangkok by virtue of our location on Sukhumvit, True Digital Park is in direct contact with the residents of this vibrant city.


True Digital Park offers the best environment in Bangkok for our brands to serve the local community, Thailand and the world. By offering conducive and adaptable, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities our brands are able to meet the challenges of their industries and present themselves in a professional manner when they are conducting business. We see to all the mundane details so you can focus on achieving your brand’s goals. We have created a functioning, dynamic workplace right in the heart of Bangkok, with easy access to public transportation. We are creating a business community that uses the local community as a sounding board and a source of new problems to tackle and as an inspiration for new ideas.