Unique digital workspace in Bangkok


True Digital Park offers digital working space in the prime, Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. We feel that being close to the local community makes us more accessible as a community asset. Tenants of True Digital Park are entitled to not only a great workspace in Bangkok, but also networking events, business perks, and even a VC Clinic. The Digital Park is located on Sukhumvit Road and connected by a convenient overhead walkway to the Punnawithi BTS Skytrain Station. By having direct access to the public transportation infrastructure of Bangkok, True Digital Park can offer convenience as well as all needed services to the startup. True Digital Park represents a total solution for new startups and a revolution in the way we work, share, and communicate.


The rise of the digital age has caused a revolution in the way workplaces are defined, designed, and utilised. With a completely virtual product, the focus has changed from seeing to the needs of the product, to seeing to the needs of the creators of that product. And these needs have also changed. The need for teamwork and collaboration in an environment where the creators of products do the hands-on work of actual creation alone at their workstations has meant that the office space has to encourage a feeling of community, camaraderie, and teamwork to inspire a singular vision throughout the brand. A productive workspace in this new age is one that is a relaxed and pleasant space to share ideas, knowledge, and answers to problems. The brand has to deal proactively to get ahead in their chosen industry. It also has to present the right corporate image to the public and shareholders. A brand that is tucked away in an industrial park can't do that. This new dynamic requires workspaces in Bangkok that are conducive to communication and openness. The workspace also needs to be located in an environment that can tap into and reap the benefits of a vibrant, colourful, and progressive local community. That's exactly what True Digital Park offers to startups and established brands.


True Digital Park offers both open, communal areas and private working spaces with all the modern conveniences. The office building housing the digital park has plenty of cafes and restaurants on the lower floors, which also make it a comfortable place to both work and socialise. True Digital Park has designed a multi-level space that is airy and open with facilities that are conducive to interaction and the sharing of ideas. Casual meeting areas are located all around the offices, and a purpose-built auditorium featuring the latest in audio-visual and lighting gear is also available. This means there are ample spaces perfect for publicly announcing the launch of a new startup brand or conducting a lecture or seminar. Throughout the digital park, the design is meant to encourage creativity by maximising the spaces available to meet and discuss new ideas and theories. It's more than a working space; it's also a community of thinkers and dreamers who recognise the value in interacting with others in their workspace in Bangkok.


Tech-based startup’s foreign employees are eligible for Thailand’s new SMART Visa. This visa extends numerous privileges to foreign talents, investors, executives and entrepreneurs. SMART visa holders are entitled to up to four-years residency without reapplying, plus an exemption from regular work permit requirements and other benefits. The purpose for the SMART Visa’s creation was to ease the requirements for startups who are traditionally faced with an uphill battle to establish their companies as profitable enterprises. And to attract talented workers they need to excel in their chosen are of the tech industry. Building a company from the ground up also has to take in all of the various practical considerations of necessary infrastructure. Startups need furniture, air-conditioning, restrooms, printers, copiers, cleaning services, and above all else, a reliable, high-speed internet connection in order to provide a productive workspace. True Digital Park takes care of all the workspace in Bangkok infrastructure needs, so the members of startups can focus themselves completely on developing their company into a viable enterprise. This approach to providing workspaces also frees up much-needed cash that can then be invested back into a company's development. Additionally, if your company is registered as a startup at True Digital Park and qualifies for BOI benefits, it’s eligible for an additional one-year corporate tax exemption.