TDPK Startup Camp Program

Having a great idea and turning it into a successful startup is exciting. As Southeast Asia's largest tech and startup hub, True Digital Park is here to support startups, no matter where you’re from. If you are looking to start a business or already have a small business in Thailand, TDPK Startup Camp Program is one of our signature programs that offers knowledge, connections, mentorship, smart visa endorsement, and other support needed to strengthen your capabilities.

Plus, for foreigners joining TDPK Startup Camp Program, you can also get an endorsement letter and assistance from us to apply for your smart visa.

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What is TDPK Startup Camp Program?

TDPK Startup Camp Program, initiated and operated by True Digital Park, provides startups and entrepreneurs knowledge needed to drive their business capabilities as well as connections with top mentors and business experts provided by True Digital Park and our partners. Each month, you join a variety of talks, mentoring sessions, networking events, lifestyle events as part of the camp program. You will get monthly performance reviews from TDPK team to help you optimize your business strategies and every 2 months you will also get a chance to meet with leading VC(s) for 1-on-1 mentorship, which could lead to funding or other business opportunities.

Who is it for?

1. Startup or people with ideas for business in Thailand 2. Startup with a business that helps develop Thailand and is within targeted business industries: - Digital - Smart electronics - Automation and robotics - Agriculture and biotechnology - Affluent, medical, and wellness tourism - Aviation and logistics - Food for the future 3. Someone who is open for loads of business mentorship, suggestions, new strategies, new skills, and much more! 4. Someone who loves Thailand

What will I get?

What will I get?

  • Smart visa endorsement under “Startup” category for 6 or 12 months, depending on your qualifications
  • Loads of knowledge in business and how to run a great business
  • Many chances to meet with VCs, investors, tech giants, business experts, startups, and individual in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem and beyond
  • Full support by TDPK team to help you succeed


Where can I join?

Preferably, we’d want you to frequently come to True Digital Park or work here at our co-working space, but we understand that some of you may need to be somewhere else. You can also join the program online, just make sure you attend a minimum of two events and a monthly review per month online to complete TDPK Startup Camp Program.


When can I join?

TDPK Startup Camp Program start every first working day of the month. If you wish to acquire a smart visa endorsement, please apply about 1 month in advance as the smart visa may take 3-6 weeks to process.

*If your experience a delay in smart visa approval, TDPK can delay your camp starting date to coincide with your visa.

What are the program options?

Program + Workspace 6 months – special rate of 30,000 baht (until 31 Aug 20) 12 months – special rate of 45,000 baht (until 31 Aug 20) Program Only 6 months – 27,000 baht 12 months – 54,000 baht Price excluding VAT

How to join?


  1. Submit your documents for pre-screening to Community Manager at including:
  • Business plan consisting of:
    • 1-Page executive summary
    • Company Background
    • Mission & Vision
    • Management Team
    • Product/Service
    • Technology and innovation applied
    • Industry description/competition/ trends
    • Marketing & sales strategy
    • Financial plan/ exit strategy/ funds required
    • Revenue model
    • Growth strategy
    • Thailand’s benefits
  • Copy of valid passport for non-Thai residents or ID card for Thai nationals.
  • (For non-Thai only) Proof of health insurance covering entire stay in Thailand with coverage for in-patient and out-patient treatments of ≥ 500,000 baht. *Health insurance can be purchased additionally with True Digital Park.
  • (Additional requirement for 12-month smart visa) Proof of ≥ 600,000-baht deposit in a bank account in Thailand or country of your nationality for at least 3 months​.
  1. Once TDPK team approve your qualification, you can choose the program option
  2. Make payment
  3. For smart visa, TDPK team will issue endorsement letter in 3-7 working days.
  4. For smart visa, you will have to apply by yourself. TDPK team will assist you with documents and process.
  5. Start your TDPK Startup Camp Program