12 Mar 2020

BANGKOK, 12 March 2020 – True Digital Park community team has launched TDPK event series to help skill-up and expand networks for startups and people in the tech community. In an effort to strengthen an interconnected ecosystem for startup and tech entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, the event series consist of talks, clubs, program, mentor, and mega event series.


Opening for the public to join is TDPK TALK series, which include series such as Global Tech Review, Startup Story, Career Hire & Seek, Creative Content, Blockchain Dialogue, Sustainability Story, Smart City Discussion, Savvy Senior.

TDPK TALK: Global Tech Review is a series of tech talk sessions about innovation, technology and digital stuff in a casual atmosphere powered by True Digital Group.

TDPK TALK: Startup Story is part of True Digital Park's event series aimed at equipping young entrepreneurs with essential skills, mindsets, and understandings on how to maneuver their businesses in this digital era.

TDPK TALK: Career Hire & Seek is a series of networking sessions/meetups focusing on tech career matching powered by GetLinks

TDPK TALK: Creative Content is a series of tech talk sessions that focus on arts, creativity, design, user experience aspects, with an aim to prepare workforce for the fast-changing digital disruption.

TDPK TALK: Blockchain Dialogue is a series of sharing session about blockchain from learning how to trade, invest, manage, and stay up to date with new features to apply blockchain on your business with great efficiency.

TDPK TALK: Sustainability Story is a series of sharing session or discussion with a focus on sustainable solutions to social change, diversity, environmental impact, business models, and application of new technology.  

TDPK TALK: Smart City Discussion is a series of sharing session or discussion about how to find solutions & ideas to improve cities for the people living in it to have better quality of life, economic development, and new business opportunities through AI & digital transformation etc. 

TDPK TALK: Savvy Senior is a series of workshops/seminars aimed at keeping the older generation in touch with technology/ digital equipment as well as helping them integrate technology into their daily life.

General public can check out and sign-up for the latest events from events page.


TDPK CLUB combine various exclusive clubs for True Digital Park tenants, members, and some invited guests only. One of our most prominent clubs is “TDPK Groundbreakers Club”, an initiative with an aim to create potential opportunities for leading startups to connect to c-suites from large corporates, fellow founders, and over 100 partners of TDPK. TDPK community team invites only leading founders and co-founders of startups in Thailand to join as Groundbreakers Club members

Other clubs are mostly TDPK member-only lifestyle clubs such as yoga, massage, sport, e-sport, Korean series, and beauty clubs. More clubs that will be open for the general public will soon be released.


True Digital Park has incessantly been setting up various programs and events to support the sustainable growth of startups. TDPK PROGRAM is a series special events that support startup and everyone in our interconnected ecosystem to find new opportunities such as pitching program, internship program, and master class program. We have already kicked off “TDPK Pitching Day 2020,” an opportunity for startups to pitch their ideas under the topic: “10 targeted industries or 10 S-Curve” to win a 1,500,000-baht prize. By mid-2020 we will launch “TDPK Master Class” as a training program to skill-up tech talents in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


TDPK MENTOR is a series of events that TDPK co-organizes with partners to give talks and one-on-one mentoring sessions to help individual entrepreneurs with their business struggles and at the same time give them opportunity to find funding and business opportunities. Our prominent TDPK MENTOR series is “Let’s Talk to the VCs,” where we invite leading VCs to give 30-minute one-on-one sessions to startups to help them improve their business model, consult on various business issues, and even give opportunity for funding.


TDPK MEGA EVENT refers to grand events that we organize generally every quarter with a thousand of visitors in estimation. Last year, we held “T.O.P 2019: Togetherness of Possibilities” -- bringing together leading technology and innovation professionals to discuss and share the most recent trends in entrepreneurship, innovations and concerns that help strengthen startup ecosystem. We will continue to hold T.O.P annually, along with other mega events such as TECH TAKE TECH: TDPK JOB FAIR, TDPK BOOTCAMP, and TDPK TECH SHOWCASE.


True Digital Park is Southeast Asia's largest tech and startup hub located in the heart of Bangkok CyberTech District.

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