Tech Me Out - What Do Quality Assurance Engineers Do?


True Digital Park, Townhall M, 6F

Quality assurance engineers, also known as QA engineers, track the development process of a product from start to finish.

----Session is in English---

Why QA is so important in the tech company? They oversee production, testing each part to ensure it meets company standards before moving to the next phase. The goal of QA engineers is to create safeguards for products to be market-ready and meet all government regulations before it is released to the public.

Join us to find an interesting part of the QA Engineer. Ask for advice, share insights and network with fellow industry professionals.


18:30-19:00 Registration
19:00-19:15 Opening
19:15-19:30 Speaker Introduction
19:30-19:45 Speaker Introduction
19:45-20:00 Speaker Introduction
20:00-20:30 (45) Panel Discussion
20:30-21:30 Networking


Leif Mork - Head of Software Engineering of 7 peaks
Leif has a lot of experience from different roles within the Software industry, in total he has more than 14 years of experience with software engineering. Has previously worked as a consultant, software engineer, software architect, team lead and manager. He has extensive experience in running software projects and from different leadership roles within the industry.
Leif has been a consultant in Capgemini, worked for one of the bigger banks in Norway and is currently in charge of the software engineers at 7 Peaks Software.

Event Concept:

Tech Me Out is True Digital Park and GetLinks co-host monthly fireside chat, which happens at last Tuesday of every month. We’ll invite the same background experts from tech to talk about the position opportunities and challenges. Also, we’ll gather tech people to mingle with to discuss job opportunities or find a new partnership!

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Date: Thesday, 25 Feb 2020
Time: 7.00-10.00 PM
Venue: Townhall M, 6th Floor, True Digital Park