House of Digital Academy: Alibaba Cloud for Students

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Under True Digital Park House of Digital Academy, Alibaba Cloud Thailand invites you to uplift your work literacy in #AlibabaCloud ‘s #forStudent campaign to drive your practical skills.

Understand how to create Alibaba Cloud’s products and solutions. Enjoy free cloud servers, training courses, certifications, AI competitions, access to leadership programs, and receive opportunities to earn credits by just verifying your student status.

Date: Start 1 Apr 2021 (online on-demand)

Apply Now:
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Student Server:
• Free Elastic Compute Service(ECS) for Students at member institutions

Online Clouder(cloud practitioner):
• 10 Apsara Clouder Courses
(Apsara Clouder Technical Certifications — A light-weight certification aims to help trainees to quickly understand a technique and learn how to use it as a practical skill)
• 1 ACA Certification for Member Institution Students
Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) — Foundational certification for cloud practitioners and beginners who desire to enter the cloud world.

Student Ambassador:
• Additional Resources for Student Advocates
• Invitation to local community events

For Alibaba Cloud Certification mapping, refer to diagram below, so you can apply for a course that’s suitable for you;
More Detail for Apsara Clouder Certification - https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/clouders
More Detail for Role Based Certification - https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/professional
More Detail for Specialty Certification - https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/specialty

“True Digital Park House of Digital Academy”— The first and only world-class digital learning institution in Thailand. Those interested can check out available courses, schedules, and other information at : https://www.truedigitalpark.com/TDPK-House-of-Digital-Academy.