After-funded stories: What's next after you get funded


True Digital Park Fl. 7 Townhall M


Pahrada Sapprasert

Director, 500 Startups


One of the biggest goals or milestones for many startup companies is…to get funded. Receiving funds from investors are like a seal of approval that the company is doing something right and that they are one step closer to telling their success story to the world. Many companies have dedicated most of their time and energy in planning and perfecting their pitching tactics to make sure that they will get that funds they are aiming for. Many talks and many people usually discuss about how to get funded, tips and tricks on how to prepare themselves, pitching techniques, etc. But, only a few have really talked about the next step - the step after you get funded.

For this event, we have invited the expert to share with you on the things that need to be planned and done to make sure the fund is being utilized fully to help the company grow and reach their full potential. Learn and explore the strategies to achieve KPI, to successfully manage the company, to meet the target growth, or even how to prepare for the next round funding. Join us to hear the first-handed knowledge and many fruitful stories. - don’t miss out and be sure to register today!

18:30-19:00 Registration
19:00-19:45 Talk + Q&A
~21:00 Networking

Location: Townhall M @Floor 6th

Please register here: http://bit.ly/2WRSfSc