TDPK TAKE-OFF: Let's talk to the VCs


True Digital Park Fl. 6 and 7

Get a chance to work, play, network, and talk to the VCs at True Digital Park--all for free from 10-14 June, 2019. 


Get ready to take your business off the ground with True Digital Park!


In these 5 days, you can get:

  • Free hot desk 
  • Talk 1-on-1 to VCs
  • Networking events
  • Lifestyle events
  • Special offer for long-term TDPK membership

Join us during TDPK take-off week for an exclusive opportunity to meet with top-tier VCs from around the world. Plus a five-day full access to True Digital Park membership space for hot desk to truly experience what it’s like to be here!

During the take-off week, you will have a chance to gain knowledge through insightful talk and workshop, attend our networking and community events to expand your connection along with meeting new like-minded people. Register today to secure your spot and receive a special discount for True Digital Park membership!


Register to reserve your spot now.  Limited to 200 people only!


Please make sure your name is the same as on ID Card/passport.